LUBBOCK, Texas – As the South Plains Fair quickly comes to an end, some people a part of the handicapped community have had a hard time enjoying the experience like everyone else.

Across the grounds, specifically around the food court and amusement rides, there are many thick extension cables that make it difficult for those on wheels to get over. In the parking lot, many potholes pose safety concerns for those same people.

Melinda Morales, a fairgoer who uses a wheelchair said, “If they made things a little bit easier for handicapped people, I’m sure a lot more people would come out.” Behind her wheelchair is Lisa Vasquez. She added, “Pushing her around the cords is what’s the hardest. My fear is for her to fall.”

For Jeremiah, the parking lot is the most difficult for him. He said, “There’s a lot of potholes, and I almost got upended on my way here.”

Ismael Gonzales said that before his mother passed away, she loved to attend the fair. She used a walker at one point, but later was in a wheelchair. Eventually, she had to stop going.

“As I’ve spoken to other seniors at the fair, they have told me that they were not able to take their friends and stuff, because their friends no longer felt that they could go to the fair. They didn’t see it being friendly to them. And so they just stayed at home,” Gonzales explained.

He said he is afraid something serious will soon happen if the fair doesn’t make some improvements for the handicapped community.

Those with concerns believe flat extension cords or cable covers would make a big difference.

“Just go ahead and smooth out, you know, the really rough patches, but I’m realistic. I don’t expect everybody to go ahead and make it collectively perfect,” Jeremiah added.

EverythingLubbock reached out to the South Plains Fair regarding this issue, and will provide their statement as soon as it becomes available.