LUBBOCK, Texas — During a weekly news conference Wednesday, Mayor of Lubbock, Dan Pope addressed questions regarding masks, in response to the County Judge of Bexar County announcing businesses would need to devise a safety plan, making masks necessary.

“That’s not on the table for us right now. We think we can do it in a responsible way where individuals and businesses can take the right approach,” Pope said.

Gov. Greg Abbott explained local governments should decide on making masks necessary, not the state government.

Staff at The Polka Dot Alley Boutique said, if it came down to it, they would comply with the requirement of having customers wear masks.

“We’ll just kind of follow the regulations as they come,” Danielle Flowers, sales manager of the boutique, said.

The boutique has already made some changes, such as closing their kids’ play area, holding off on serving drinks and snacks, and allowing customers to self-serve their own dressing rooms.

“We’re making sure to disinfect everything like the door handles, we’re letting them get their dressing rooms and start all that on their own,” Flowers said.

The boutique moved to a new location in January, but had to shut their doors after two months due to the coronavirus, but even after approval from the state to reopen, they decided to wait a few weeks before welcoming back their customers.

“We kind of wanted to see how everything went whenever they started opening back up,” Flowers said.

Flowers added if coronavirus cases continue to rise, they would consider closing their doors again temporarily.