Healthcast: Doctors fall in love with medicine and each other



Could you work at the same place as your spouse?

“One of the better known business guys [in our residency] came up and told us he had never seen a doctor husband wife team work well together at all in any clinic and he said that’s a terrible idea,” Dr. Evan Colmenero said.

And Dr. Colmenero and his wife, Dr. Victoria Colmenero, say they’re up for the challenge.

The Colmenero’s are the main doctors at the new Covenant Health Family Medical Clinic opening up in September.

They met years ago in their master’s program before getting married.

And Evan will be the first to tell you, he never thought they’d be working in the same place.

“When we first started dating he said he never wanted to work with me,” Victoria said.

“Yeah, just a chance to annoy me in two places,” Evan responded, laughing.

But they soon found out they do work well together.

During residency they decided to focus on family medicine and that journey took them to Plainview.

“We got a letter in the mail describing Covenant and it just sounded perfect,” Evan explained. “We came out to interview and fell in love immediately.”

The Colmenero’s agree making something like this work takes a good work-life balance.

“You rarely see each other when you’re working because you’re seeing all your patients,” Evan explained. “We like to go home, cook, watch TV, watch movies.”

And both say they are excited for this next chapter in their lives.

The Covenant Health Family Medical Clinic opens September 3, 2019.

They’re located at 1208 North I-27 in Plainview.

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