CORRECTION: Justin Musgrave is on unpaid leave with the City of Lubbock.

LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock’s Deputy Director of Emergency Management admitted having pornography, but not child pornography, on a computer tablet owned by the Shallowater Fire Department, according to official records.

Justin David Musgraves, 38, was indicted Wednesday for possession of prepubescent child pornography. He has been placed on unpaid leave with the City of Lubbock while the criminal investigation continues.

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Musgraves’ attorney David Guinn issued the following statement to over the phone on Friday:

Like every innocent person, Justin has tried to cooperate with the authorities to show them his innocence. We’re disappointed with the indictment. We look forward to seeing the evidence which we haven’t seen yet. It will be the strangest case of its type I have seen in 32 years.

We look forward to the [court] hearing on Wednesday and seeing why the [federal] government thinks he did this.

An initial appearance and arraignment were scheduled for Musgraves for Wednesday, February 17, at 9:30 a.m. in the Mahon Federal Building.

A search warrant, obtained by on Friday, revealed additional information about the case. The child pornography was found on a Surface tablet, which was dropped off with University Medical Center in late September for special software installation.

In addition to his job with the City of Lubbock, Musgraves also volunteered with the Shallowater Volunteer Fire Department and EMS.

The tablet was assigned to Musgraves, but the warrant is not clear if he was the only person who had access to it. During the software installation at UMC, a video was discovered of a girl “approximately 11 or 12 years old undressing herself,” the warrant said.

The tablet was turned back over to Shallowater officials, who, in turn, contacted law enforcement. A Texas Department of Public Safety officer questioned Musgraves.

The officer wrote, “Musgraves told me that he maintained a Microsoft OneDrive account that contained nude images but did not contain child pornography.” Musgraves provided written consent to search the tablet.

The search revealed numerous sexual images and videos of underage girls, according to the search warrant. The warrant sought additional information about Musgrave’s OneDrive account from Microsoft.