Hispanic Heritage Month: ‘I am a Latina female–it means a lot to be Cuban American’


LUBBOCK, Texas — Ashley Zubia and her father Mario Alvarez said they were proud of their heritage in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month as Ashley owns the only Cuban food truck here in Lubbock.

Ashley Zubia is a Cuban American Latina who said her culture is rich and colorful. Her heritage ringing true to a lot of areas in her life.

“The biggest thing to me about the Cuban culture is family and food. Being that I get to be here in Lubbock and bring the Cuban food is a huge thing,” Zubia said.

Zubia always knew she was Cuban but never thought much about it until she grew up and learned more about her roots and how it all started because of her grandfather.

“My grandfather immigrated to America in the fifties,” Zubia said. “My grandfather was Cuban through and through. I mean, the typical cliché Cuban man. The macho gold hairy chest everything, so that’s what I think of when I smell a really strong cologne or coffee, I always think of my Abuelo, so that’s what the Cuban culture is to me.”

Mario Alvarez, the father of Ashley Zubia, said he is also proud of the things his father did to better his family.

“I admire my father for growing up where he grew up and how he grew up and having a desire to be more and have more and figuring it out, let’s go to America so we can have all that stuff,” Alvarez said.

Zubia said this month is very important to those of the Hispanic culture as this month is to recognize, remember and appreciate the heritage.

“…We don’t live in our homelands or our country, but we do try and bring pieces of that to America,” Zubia said.

As Zubia continued to indulge and appreciate her heritage, she said that’s one big thing for her is to pass on the culture and heritage to her children.

“It’s definitely a big part of my life to be intentional of honoring the heritage and not letting it slip away because generations and generations that culture the heritage you know it gets watered down unfortunately but as parents us as immigrants us as Latinos, we have to try to keep that culture alive,” Zubia said. ” Doing these things intent fully and trying to make sure my kids understand their heritage of being Cuban and Mexican.”

Zubia said Hispanic Heritage Month is about being who you are.

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