LUBBOCK, Texas — Every home is full of memories, and the Wiley Smith Quilliam Home has plenty of them from the families who’ve lived there before. Over the years, it’s been home to former Texas Governor Preston Smith and former Texas Tech University Law Professor and state lawmaker William Reed Quilliam II. The current owner—Quilliam’s daughter–said while it’s special that the home has been in her family for more than 40 years, as an empty nester, she’s ready for something smaller.  

Built in 1951, the owner says her favorite things are the outside railings, laundry chute and elevator. These details are some of the reasons why the house has the historical marker out front, but for her, they also give the home character and make it special compared to more modern options. 

Realtor Emily Ratcliff agrees that these kinds of qualities are hard to find, but says they can make for the most meaningful place to entertain and live.  

“If the walls could talk, and you could hear the memories that are within these walls,” suggested Ratcliff. “Just think about being able to have your family in this historic home and create memories for your small children as they go and grow and maybe even go across the street to Texas Tech how your family would be if you purchased this house, and the additional memories that they could tell in the future.” 

The 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom 6,000 square foot home, plus the registered apartment in the back, is on the market for $799,000 so if you’re interested in learning more about this historic home, you’re asked to reach out at 806-441-6000 for more information.