LUBBOCK, Texas – For those with food restrictions, Thanksgiving can be a hard time finding something to eat when there are other people preparing your food. For vegans and vegetarians, it can be close to impossible to ensure you’re sticking to your dietary needs.

A Lubbock vegan chef, Meegan the Vegan shared some tips with on Tuesday on how to survive the holidays on a meat-free or plant-based diet.

Meegan Honeyman started Meegan the Veagan during the pandemic when her daughters came back home being vegan. Honeyman ultimately transitioned to a vegan diet by cooking three vegan meals a day every day.

Meegan the Vegan became Honeyman’s side business where she offers vegan meals, treats, a line of chocolate, salad dressing, recipes and even cooks for private events.

While not many restaurants are open during Thanksgiving, Honeyman recommended those with specific food restrictions to try out Flippers Tavern and Burklee Hill Vineyards. The Co-Op Public House is another option for those who are plant-based and meat-free.

The two restaurants will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be open the day before and after. Burklee Hill said it will be hosting events in December for the holidays.

Honeyman said she would be taking special orders for the holiday season. She offers vegan holiday favorites including shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, frito pie, pumpkin pie and coconut cream pie.

For those who are visiting their family for the holidays, Honeyman recommended talking to whoever is preparing the meals about certain dietary needs. Some foods may appear safe to eat, but could be made with real butter or even turkey broth, Honeyman said.

Sometimes it can be hard to explain to others what you can and cannot eat.

“Anything that has eyes I can not eat it,” Honeyman said.

If you would like to order from Meegan the Vegan, you can find her website here.