CLOVIS, New Mexico – Renee and Deanne Guthrie are looking for who is responsible for climbing into their horse stalls and setting off a huge box of fireworks early Wednesday morning. 

Around 4:30 a.m. Deanne received a call from a neighbor, who said someone set off fireworks by the horses and a fire started. 

The Guthrie’s Ring camera caught it all on video. A person they believe is a male between 5’10” and 6’2” climbed over the fence with the box of fireworks in one hand. This person walked to the front of one of the stalls, set the box down, lit the fireworks, and then took off.

Renee said the fireworks went off anywhere from sixty to ninety seconds. 

In the video, the horses were seen scrambling. The horses were hurt by the explosion, and tried to escape by jumping over the fence.

The mother and daughter keep seven horses in the stalls. Deanne is a barrel racer and has competed in various competitions over the years. She said she treats her horses as her babies. 

“To know someone would do that to something I love. It’s like, you wouldn’t want someone to come into your house and do this to your kid or your dogs or your partner or anything,” she said. 

Renee said if the person hadn’t scared the horses away from the box after lighting the fireworks, the horse in the stall probably wouldn’t have survived. 

She said, “She had her nose right over the box while he was watching it. And if he hadn’t run I don’t know that she would have gotten out of the way. I think she would have had her face stuck over it.”

“They were pretty banged up, but all that’s going to heal. It’s the mental damage that I’m not really sure of,” she added.

Being prey animals, horses’ first response is flight and to try and get away. 

They said God was watching over their animals, and that it could have been worse. Now, they are left wondering why someone would do something so cruel. 

Deanne said, “No one should get away with that. And since he did it now and thinks he probably got away with that type of thing, who knows if he’ll do it again.”

To report information about who is responsible, call the numbers below or reach out to Renee or Deanne through Facebook Messenger. 

Clovis Police Department: 575-769-1921

New Mexico Livestock Board: 505-841-6161