LUBBOCK, Texas — Hospice of Lubbock’s largest fundraiser returned after years of drive-thru events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Tray Payne said it’s a great feeling to be back fellowshipping with others.

“Beans and cornbread you can’t get any better, we just need a little buttermilk with that,” Payne said. “We will be standing here serving and probably going outside and serving some and obviously being here to socialize and meet people.”

The Annual Mayor’s Beans and Cornbread luncheon raises funds that go towards Hospice of Lubbock helping provide free care for adults and children.

Executive Director Jeremy L. Brown said over the past 36 years they have never turned a patient away due to their ability to pay.

“People who are unfunded or underfunded this helps offset the cost of their care. This helps us with supplies, it helps us with medications,” Brown said. “We also have several community programs, we honor veterans, we have a music therapist on staff. So, it just allows us to take those services out into the nineteen counties that we serve for our hospice patients and their families.”

Mayors from surrounding counties greeted attendees as they enter the Civic Center Ballroom to grab their plate, and those who didn’t come in had the option to get their plate in the drive-thru.

“We want to support the smaller communities that support us, and this is another great example of the support that we have here in the Hub City,” Payne said.

“The work does not stop today, it’s ongoing every day to help take care of our hospice patients,” Brown said.

Hospice of Lubbock is celebrating 36 years of service to West Texas.