LUBBOCK, Texas – After a house fire between two homes Tuesday destroyed the two structures in East Lubbock, one woman who lived there for nearly thirty years is left looking for a new home.

Birdella White’s house on E. Colgate Street was a special meeting place for her kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids. They gathered there for holidays, shared meals together, and made many memories. Now, all of that is gone because of the fire.

White was watching over her great grandsons when a stranger came knocking on her door to tell her the house was on fire. It spread quickly throughout the home, destroying several rooms in the house and only leaving behind a few salvageable items.

Veronica Duvall, a family member of White, said “We’ll have to replace the beds, dressers, clothes, all the necessities.”

The fire also destroyed White’s neighbor’s pickup truck and garage. Thankfully, everyone walked away with no physical damage.

“I know items are replaceable, but I thought just knowing you can’t go lay down in bed, you can’t go home and shower. There’s nothing there,” said Duvall.

They both said they’ve felt the love and support from the community and are extremely grateful for the much-needed help they’ve already received.

White said, “It’s really a sad situation. But, you know, God, won’t give you any more than you can bear. And you know, we’ll get through this.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to support White and help her replace items that were lost as she also tries to find another home to bring her family together again.