LUBBOCK, Texas – Football season is back, which means Lubbock Police and local sports bars are already getting ready for the uptick in DWI arrests and trying to prevent drunk driving as much as possible.

Over the past three years, LPD said they have seen an uptick in DWI related arrests in the months of October and November. This could be attributed to football fans getting behind the wheel after a game.

So far this year, LPD’s crime analysis unit reported just over 300 DWI arrests, and two cases of intoxication assault up to the month of June.

In the state of Texas, the number that’s assigned to blood alcohol content is .08. However, that doesn’t mean someone cannot be arrested for DWI.

Lubbock restaurant, Bubba’s 33 prepares for the football season by knowing what dates major games are. They’ll increase staffing and managers to be present at bars for those dates.

“Relying on them to let us know when things change and when people are acting differently is huge for us to be able to then intervene when things are getting different,” said Rocco Testini with the restaurant.

However, they can’t always control what their customers do when they walk out of the restaurant.

Testini said they will intervene if they have to, but the main goal is to make sure everyone is having fun but staying safe.

He explained that home games don’t generate as much traffic, but it’s the away games that bring in the bigger crowds. So, for Texas Tech’s away game this weekend, they’ve already started to get ready.

Lt. Eric Quijada with the Patrol Support Division said, “It affects your life way more than you can imagine, financially, legally, and the fact that you could have taken another life or your own.”

He explained that if one does plan to drink at any point, they should always have a designated driver or call a ride share service. He said people can even call the police department or sheriff’s office, because any first responder would rather you get home safe than get behind the wheel.