Infant found dead at Hilltop Apartment, investigation ongoing


LUBBOCK, Texas — A 3-month-old was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead Wednesday at the Hilltop Apartments on 4th Street.

Devin Akalis Salazar, Jr. was put to sleep Tuesday as any normal day. When his parents woke up to start their day that next morning, Devin jr. was no longer alive.

Elexus Salazar, Devin Jr.’s mother, shared her experience.

“I went into the room to grab my son to put them in his car seat. And as I saw him, his left foot was hanging out, and it was white. And so, I touched it and it was cold. I tapped him, and he didn’t wake up. It kind of seemed, you know, it wasn’t him. I kind of knew–I was like ‘Jr., baby, wake up,’ and he didn’t wake up. So, whenever I turned him to grab him, his whole face and lips were purple, and his ear was pushed down.

“He was he was gone. I picked him up. He wasn’t moving. He wasn’t stiff his body was still dangling like a regular baby.” Salazar said.

Salazar noticed, as she picked up Devin, his nose was filled with mucus and said there was no air coming out of his nose. She ran downstairs for help, yelled and called 911.

“I did air compressions through his mouth four times. As I was doing the air compressions, his chest was going up. But he wasn’t, he wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t breathing at all. So, I started trying to pump on his chest. I put them on the hood of my car, and I put he wasn’t waking up.” Salazar said.

Salazar said EMS did CPR for one hour and pronounced Devin Jr. dead. She is continuing to search for answers.

“I want them to tell me it was SIDS, so I can know that he passed away in his sleep, not hurting, just peacefully. And accidents happen, you know?” Salazar said.

The Salazar family asked for prayers, and any donations are appreciated on the House of Angel Funeral home page or their Gofundme.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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