History behind Taliban seizing over Afghanistan


COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The U.S. trained and equipped 300,000 Afghan soldiers to defend their county, so why did the country fall to the Taliban so fast?

“It’s not just how many soldiers you have and how much money you give to them, it’s a matter of getting their loyalty to their government for which they’re fighting,” says Texas A&M International Affairs Professor Gregory Gause.

After seeing the crisis unfold, one veteran shares his thoughts on the Taliban.

“We just gave them so much more in weapons and support that they can enforce themselves so much harder over there. Which of course, I strongly believe that in the future you’re going to see more terrorist attacks,” says one veteran.

The big questions asked, ‘Is this the same Taliban from 20 years ago?’ Gregory Gause says there’s no certainty that it’s the same leadership.

“It’s highly possible that they learn the lesson that they shouldn’t open up their country to be a base for international Jihadist organizations like Al-Qaeda,” says Gause.

Gause refers back to the late 1990’s Taliban – enforcing a strict interpretation of Islamic law aiming towards women. Keeping them out of the public sphere, out of education, public life, and jobs.

“I believe that they will try to implement something much like that as they consolidate power,” says Gause.

And looking back at previous candidacy, “I think where we’re going to see more criticism on the Biden Administration. More focus criticism would be on the tactics,” says Gause.

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