LUBBOCK, Texas – Breedlove Foods has spent well over two decades feeding millions across the world. They sent their first shipment of 1 million meals to Ukraine in March, but they’ve stayed busy since then.

So far, they have shipped 100 tons of food or 5 million meals to Ukraine through Jeremiah’s Hope and the Sunset International Bible Institute. Each bag of dehydrated food contains 50 servings.

From Lubbock, they’ve touched down in other places across the world, including Central America.

Stacy Saults with Breedlove said she was able to spend the last week in Guatemala during tropical storm Julia. She explained that circumstances allowed her to bring some of the food with her.

While there, she said, “We had just taken a photo with a family and the food. And I turned around, and I saw the USAID logo,” referring to the US Agency for International Development, a big program Breedlove is a part of.

For Saultz, seeing this logo was a sign that the food they ship out is getting to the right places. Through US AID, Breedlove was able to send out 90 million meals last year.

“Hunger will be with us. And so, for Breedlove to be able to provide servings of food – millions of servings of food every year – it makes an impact,” Saultz explained.

Once they get the green light from their partner in Tampa, those same meals will make it to Florida to feed Hurricane Ian victims.

“Depending on their storage, and whatever damage was done during the storm, we’ll see what kind of distribution capabilities they have and how much food they’re able to store,” Saultz added.

She said a big part of what they do is they’re ready to go when the need is there. Without community support and donations, she said they would not be able to provide this relief across the globe.

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