LUBBOCK, Texas — For National Adoption Day, eleven kids in the Hub City were adopted into their forever families at Lubbock Impact.

Those with St. Francis Ministries hosted the event, and many family members were there to witness each special moment.

Amy Guzman completed her first adoption back in March, but she thought she should bring her daughter Mia to the event Friday, to celebrate all adoptions.

“When you get to that final day, all the work that you put in all of the home visits, the establishment so they can get stuff done the court hearings, it’s totally worth it,” she explained.

The theme this year, was “There’s no place like home.” Dorothy and the whole gang were there to meet all the kids being adopted.

Brandy Crutchfield has gone through multiple adoptions, and was able to officially welcome her son, Jay to the family Friday.

“It lines up perfectly with our faith, we feel that we’re adopted as children of God and we’re just blessed to be able to do that and to give our kiddos a loving place to grow up and be as successful as possible and have their full potential,” she explained.

More than 115,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States. In Texas, there are currently 7,219 children waiting to be adopted. For Jay, the moment he got adopted by the Crutchfield’s meant the world.

He said, “I don’t know how to describe it.”

And while the process to adopt is long and difficult, Guzman wants to encourage everyone to consider adopting.

“It’s totally worth it, life-fulfilling,” she added.

Lubbock Police, Lubbock Fire Rescue, and the Department of Public Safety were also there with horses, a helicopter and fire trucks to show the kiddos.