LUBBOCK, Texas— A recently filed permit caused residents of the North Lubbock Neighborhood association to call an emergency action meeting Thursday night at the Maggie Trejo Supercenter. Neighborhood members showed up to contest what they thought was the construction of a new batch plant in their area. 

Minutes before the meeting began, the company that applied for the permit, Wilbert Funeral Services, released a statement claiming they were renewing a permit for an operation that they’ve had for over 30 years.

See Wilbert Funeral Services’ full statement below:

Wilbert is committed to being a good community partner and complying with all requirements. We are not changing or expanding our operations at this time, nor are we adding a concrete batch operation. We are simply in the process of renewing our permit with TCEQ for the same operations we have maintained since 1990 which qualifies for permit coverage from the state with a Standard permit.”

Lubbock City Councilwoman Christy Martinez-Garcia said despite there already being a currently established operation, there was still inaccurate information in the application for the permit renewal regarding the zoning and how close it was to the school, as well as not communicating with the community. 

“The discrepancy list is one after the other, and it’s very disappointing and concerning, and the public should be alarmed, because if this is allowed in this neighborhood, it can happen in any neighborhood,” Martinez-Garcia said.