LUBBOCK, Texas — A jury found Asencion Martinez, 32, of Slaton not guilty on all counts early Tuesday evening.

Martinez was charged with sexually abusing a young girl from September 2010 through September 2011, according to an indictment.

Martinez’s attorney told the jury the charges are false.

“Mom wasn’t very structured or stable, no rules basically,” the defense attorney said. “[Martinez] came from a structured family and wanted to keep some kind of order. He insisted on rules, curfews and tensions developed between the victim and the defendant.”

Prosecutors told the jury, “I expect to see that [the girl] doesn’t have her mom’s support.”

Why? Prosecutors said it is because the victim’s mother and Martinez got back together. There was testimony that the mom moved to Austin in 2015 and later moved back.

Prosecutors also asked the jury to listen to the testimony of the victim.

“Listen to her, determine what makes sense.”

Martinez had already been free on bond even before the jury found him not guilty.