Alliance Credit Union’s new loan program helps furloughed employees


Losing a job or government benefits unexpectedly can be difficult for families. A nightmare come true, when the government shutdown on December 22.

The Fowler family said they work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and still have to rely on Medicaid and food stamps. With a government shutdown, they worry they will not be able to give their son everything he needs.

“It’s hard to watch him go through it and him not understand why we are upset. He’s asking if everything’s okay and we have to sit and lie to him that everything is fine. But in reality, it’s not fine,” said Kaleb Fowler.

Like the Fowlers, the shutdown is impacting hundreds of thousands of government employees. Now, Alliance Credit Union is offering a ‘Shutdown Relief Program.’ It will give families the opportunity to apply for a short-term loan to cover expenses during this time.

“They can ensure all their bills are paid, keep electricity on, keep groceries in their fridge,” said Matt Grannan, CEO and president of Alliance Credit Union. “We just know these are hard working folks, experiencing this disruption of income at no fault to them.”

Alliance Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution, explained Grannan, meaning they can focus their efforts on helping people in situations like these. 

The loan program will be available until the government re-opens, but payments on the loans will not have to be made until roughly April 18, said Grannan.

“When the government reopens and paychecks resume, they can start with a normal and reasonable payment to bridge that time,” he said. 

Furloughed government employees can begin applying for the loan on Friday, January 10. 

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