Anton woman's home destroyed after tornado

ANTON, Texas -

A tornado swept into Anton tuesday leaving Brenda Grace’s home in ruins.


“It wiped out lots and lots of memories, lifetime memories,” Grace said.


Grace has lived in the home for 42 years. There are bricks all around her home and her barn is now completely gone.


“The tornado was short lived it started south of my house and it's my understanding that it moved North hitting me,” Grace said.


The EF1 tornado ripped through her property Tuesday night and there were no signs of destruction until she walked outside.


“The barn gone, I still did not know the back of my house and the front of my house, I did not know that the roof had lifted up,” Grace said.


She spent most of her life raising her daughter and son in that home. Now she has to depend on her friends and the city of Anton to help her clear things out.


“Constant telephone calls what can we do, coming in what can we do, people are in the house helping me pack,” Grace said. “The community of Anton, the church, people that i have become friends with in the last few years.”


The community helped even when the wind wouldn't let up.


“The day after it happened, the wind was 70 miles per hour, they were still here trying to help,” Grace said. “I couldn't make it there's no way I could do all of this by myself, I’m so appreciative of everybody.”


Grace says it all happened so fast, never imagining she'd be packing up her belongings just two days later.


“So I am in the process of boxing up everything and moving up out of here for temporary, so we can rebuild,” Grace said.


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