Body Camera Video Released of Aggressive Dog Shooting


Police released body camera video from a Lubbock Police Officer who confronted what police are calling an aggressive dog, ultimately shooting the animal. The officer was responding to a call that a woman and her baby, and possibly another man, had been attacked by the dog.

As a disclaimer, some of the video above could be considered graphic.

LPD said they stand by the officer’s decision to fire her weapon.

“We are here to protect people and ourselves, so when we perceive a threat to ourselves or someone else, they are allowed by law to intervene,” Assistant Chief Neal Barron said.

In the video, the officer can be seen exiting her vehicle and verbally commanding the dog to “get back.” You can also hear the officer calling for Animal Control.

The officer also yells, “Go back inside.” Police said she is probably referring to bystanders on the street. The dog continues to approach the officer, before running over to a man who appears to be holding a knife. Police say they believe this man was trying to help protect people on the street from this dog.

The dog appears to lunge toward the man, before turning back on the officer. The officer then fires her weapon at the dog, who runs away.

LPD said Animal Control is still searching for the dog and does not know it’s whereabouts or it’s condition.

LPD said their officers go through “canine encounter” training. The officer involved followed that protocol, by trying to deescalate the situation first and shooting when the dog lunged at not only herself, but another civilian.

“So the officer, I think, made the correct decision to utilize her firearm to protect herself and the civilian,” Barron said. “You can see in the video the officer doesn’t get right out of her vehicle and fire at the dog. You see the officer kind of make an assessment of the situation from inside the Tahoe. The officer decides to get out and tries to get the dog to stay back.”

The officer had a taser on her at the time of the encounter, but Barron told their tasers are intended for much larger targets. He added that another officer arrived at the scene and was attempting to get his non-lethal shotgun, which fires a bean bag to stun the individual or animal. He was not able to get to the officer before the animal began to come at her.

“They will work on a dog, but it is very hard to get a good hit on a dog, because… unless both of those probes make contact, it wont work effectively,” Barron said. “The time frame that this happened in was just too short to do some of that.”

Esmeralda Perez, the woman who said she and her child were attacked, called the officers “heroes.”

“Thank God he [the dog] didn’t get the baby,” Perez said. “I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

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