It’s not easy to grow a backyard garden in the arid and hot West Texas climate, but one startup made that possible.

FlatCity Farms created a sustainable backyard environment, focusing on the soil that helps it flourish.

“We started doing composting, and then it turned into chicken composting. So now, we have a good system of replenishing the soil with really good organic matter,” said Chris Baldelomar, founder of FlatCity Farms.

Baldelomar, along with co-owners Peter Poff and Andrew Foley, began researching to create the perfect soil five years ago.

The complex process of chicken and worm composting created a moist soil that allowed growth in this arid environment, according to Baldelomar. He said while the chickens are an additional benefit, they can help create a perfect garden without it.

“Anything from flowers, fruits to veggies. Really anything they want,” he said.

The company also utilized an irrigation system that makes the garden low maintenance. 

“Water timers, drip lines for plants to grow. We set up a really low maintenance system for people so that way they can still grow but not spend much time laboring,” said Baldelomar.

Poff believed this method of suburban farming would reduce harmful chemicals in food.

“We want to see a way of bringing in biological material or organic material instead of chemicals to grow in backyards. Grow eggs and grow food to feed our families and share with our friends,” he said.

By growing fresh plants and making it low-maintenance, it’s environmentally friendly and accessible to people who do not know how to garden, said Foley.

“We cater to everyone, from the person who has been gardening their entire lives to someone who doesn’t know the first thing about gardening,” he said.

For more information on their garden systems, go to the website here.