The Chamber of Commerce hosted an inclusion summit at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center on Tuesday. The summit initiated a conversation about diversity and inclusion for women and minorities in the workforce, according to the Chamber of Commerce. 

Talking about these issues continuously allows businesses to take more action, said keynote speaker Gail Evans, author of “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman.”

“We just don’t talk about sensitive issues because people are afraid they are going to get in trouble,” she said.

Ways to increase equality for women and minorities include removing gender and ethnicity from questions from job applications and moderating employee reviews differently to ensure equality in the process, said Evans.

It is important to bring the topic up as much as possible in workplace meetings, she added.

Chris Wallace, president and COO of Texas Association of Business, said with the growth of populations and communities, companies need to grow with it.

“Nobody likes change. We understand that. It’s going to be slow, but the fact is that we must accept and take home this challenge for our state to continue to grow, for us to retain top talent and for us to recruit top talent from across the world,” he said.

By hosting this summit, Lubbock is already in a good position to meet higher diversity and equality in the community, he said.

“I applaud Lubbock Chamber. As usual, they are on the front lines anticipating what is coming next,” he said.