Chick-Fil-A Shows Act of Kindness


Imagine a woman’s fear of driving from Central Texas to New Mexico, only to realize she left her purse somewhere along the way. 

That is what happened to Lindsey Jones, who stopped at the Chick-fil-A on 4th Street and Frankford Avenue to grab a bite to eat on Friday afternoon. Three hours later, she realized her purse was still sitting in the fast food restaurant. 

“I was working drive-thru and heard the phone ring, and she was kind of frantic saying she was like three hours away and she left her purse here,” said Darcey Cuellar, director of hospitality.

Jones worried that she would not have any of her belongings, including her keys and badge, for her first day back teaching after winter break.

She called Chick-fil-A and offered to pay the shipping fees in order to retrieve her purse. However, Cuellar and her colleague Casey Kovar, director of operations, insisted on paying the overnight shipping, even adding a little surprise inside. 

“He (Kovar) said we should probably put some menus and coupons in there, and I said, ‘Yeah, yeah, that would be cool,'” Cuellar said.

After the packaged was delivered on Saturday, Jones took to Facebook, expressing how grateful she was for the employees’ kind actions.

“This situation completely restored my faith in humanity! Not only was my purse found by good, honest people, but they also went above and beyond to help fix a problem that was 1000% my fault to begin with!” she wrote in the post.

The post garnered a surplus of support including more than three thousand likes. In response to the community’s widespread adulation, the employees were “grateful” but both repeatedly stated it is “just what they do.”

“Just by sharing a smile. That’s where it starts. If you can share a smile with someone, it can really uplift their day,” said Kovar. 

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