City Proposal for New Hotel Downtown

LUBBOCK, TX - In a continuation of downtown redevelopment, City Council is working on a proposal to build the Civic Center Headquarters Hotel.

The council awaits an updated study to determine "the cost and make sure it really is something of value and it can perform at the level it needs to," said Jeff Griffith, District 3 councilman.  

Funding for the project would be provided by the Central Business District Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone (CBD TIF) as well as a private entity. The project costs approximately $18 million.

"This would be a private ownership group that owns the hotel. The city would own the meeting space," said Griffith.

The hotel benefits Lubbock because of a current shortage for meeting space, and it could attract visitors to the Hub City, he added.

Some private hotels in the city expressed concern with these plans because they did not receive the same advantage from hotel/motel tax to spend on their own projects, said Eddie McBride, CEO and president of Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

The city and Hotel Motel Association "negotiated and coordinated an agreement," taking into consideration these concerns, he said.

"The venue tax collected will go back into Civic Center to improve that area, too, because that area needs as much improvement that we can put into it," he said.

The hotel — planned for construction in the Civic Center north parking lot — will stand 10 stories tall and have approximately 200-240 rooms, if it is approved.

"Anything we can do to give that area an advantage to grow and whatever we can do to put something pretty across the street from Buddy Holly Hall, a world-class performing arts center," said McBride.

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