City reminds residents yard waste goes in bags, not streets

With all the recent rain, grass and weeds are growing quickly and the city wants to remind residents of the proper way to deal with all of the lawn waste. 
When Cindy Rusher, a Lubbock resident mows her lawn, she said she fills multiple bags with her grass clippings. 

“I have about a 13 gallon bag just from the [front strip of the yard], so that’s a lot,” Rusher said. 

She said if that amount of waste can fit into just one bag, it can’t be good for our storm drainage system.

”The practice of blowing clippings and leaves out in the street is pretty common, the problem is it contributes to the flooding,” she said. 

The city agrees that everyone should be mindful of their lawn waste when doing yard work. 

“It’s not so much one persons yard, as much as all the different neighbors,” said Trenia Harris, the city’s storm water programs manager.

When all of it starts piling up, she said it pollutes our drinking water.

“Grass clippings are not good because they have fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides,” Harris said.

If a Lubbock resident is caught blowing grass clippings and vegetation in the street they could get fined and it can cost about $2,000.

“Our solid waste department has areas around the city that they can take different brush debris and other type of pollutants,” Harris said.

For more information, call 806-775-3118 or visit  


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