Lubbock Animal Services found a dog this weekend

roaming the streets with a bucket on its head, and officials think that bucket was stuck for nearly a week.

“Just like dogs do and cats do they find something

that is a source of food,” said Pete Ortiz, lead officer for LAS.

Ortiz said he was probably trying to eat whatever

was left in the bin, and then couldn’t get the bin off his head after.   

“We had gotten a phone call and seen some

Facebook posts of this dog just walking around and jumping from backyard to backyard with a bucket on its head,” Ortiz said.

LAS searched for him for several days and

said community members said the dog was too hard to catch.

Ortiz said Cheezy, the dog, wasn’t able to

eat or drink with the bin on his head.

“Eventually he was going to become dehydrated,”

Ortiz said. “That’s kind of the main thing, they can go without food for a little bit but water is their main source of staying hydrated.”

Body cam video shows Ortiz capturing him on

Sunday and finally taking the bin off his head.

“If he would’ve stayed out there any longer

the outcome wouldn’t have been all that great,” Ortiz said.

Although Cheezy is a stray, Ortiz said this

all could’ve been prevented if the container was properly discarded.