LUBBOCK, Texas — Following the Tuesday evening shooting at Chip’s Sports Bar that resulted in the death of 28-year-old Timothy ‘TeeJay’ Bailey, his friends and family members are in search of answers.

Lubbock Police said it started with an argument between Bailey and some others inside Chip’s Sports Bar. They were all asked to leave, but the argument continued outside which led to the shooting and ultimately, Bailey’s death.

“Over something that was so, wasn’t even big. Something that was so simple…that could’ve been fixed with a talk. It’s over, for something so simple,” said one of Bailey’s close friends, Gabby Suniga.

Friends and family members are trying to figure out what led to the argument that caused the shooting. 

“Like a whole life is gone over nothing,” said Suniga. “Over because somebody is mad, over because literally, like there was no reason for this.” 

They’re frustrated that things escalated so quickly. Friends said that they hope the investigation will find the person who did this and hold them accountable.

“Because people can’t put guns down. They just want to resort to violence and for what?” said Suniga. “Like it never leads to anything. He’s the person who did not deserve this out of all people.”

Friends told us Bailey was not a violent or aggressive person and rarely spent time at the bar.

“He was such a good person at heart he wasn’t aggressive he wasn’t a mean guy, he was never, never that type of way,” said Bailey’s friend Isaiah Ramos.

As they wonder what could’ve possibly led to this tragedy, they remember the beloved father, brother and friend that Bailey was.

“He’s the man that…you could be down and he wasn’t gonna let you,” said Ramos. “He’d go into the room. And he could not know a soul in there. And I guarantee you he’d have half the building laughing.”

They gathered at the Copper Caboose — one of Bailey’s favorite places — honoring him.

“He was just at the wrong place,” said Ramos. “At the wrong place he wasn’t supposed to be and it’s just nothing we can do now, just try to remember his name and keep his name alive.”

Friends and family are organizing a fundraiser at the Copper Caboose this Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11. They’re planning to do a car wash and give away food, donating all the proceeds to the young children Bailey leaves behind.

“Anything, anything helps for this man. Anything helps his family. He’s got a kid on the way,” said Ramos.
KAMC News reached out to the management at Chip’s but they are not commenting on the case at this time. No arrests have been made yet. To help Bailey’s family you can donate to their gofundme or call the Copper Caboose to get more information on the fundraiser this weekend.