Groups aim to support families of Lubbock first responders


LUBBOCK, Texas — Detective Charlene Jennings with the Lubbock Police Department said she knows the risks associated with her line of work not only for her, but for her husband as well. That is why she wants to raise awareness for Family Readiness 806.

“Our job puts a lot of toll on us,” Detective Jennings said. “Over time, it will wear on you and wear on your mental health. And so I just wanted to make sure that everyone is taken care of.”

The group is for any family member of someone who works with LPD. Jennings said Family Readiness 806 is still in its early stages, but they’re looking to expand the group and the resources.

“[For example,] we’re looking for adult kids that have gone through and seen their parents be an officer their entire lives,” Detective Jennings. ”We want to have different aspects of it. We’ll also eventually have classes just for kids, so they can ask any questions that they want.”

There are similar programs in the Lubbock community for the loved ones of other first responders. Another group called ‘Support for Silent Heroes’ is for firefighters and their families. 

Firefighter spouse and a member of the group, Laura Ray, said it’s important to support the families of first responders because they may need guidance or support being there for those they love.

“Trying to bridge those gaps where it’s kind of underestimated the emotional toll that this kind of profession has on a first responder,” Ray said. ”How that kind of goes to the family. It really is trying to open up that conversation and trying to make it a safe environment.”

Family Readiness 806 at or Support for Silence Heroes at

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