Healthcast: The importance of checking your mental health


LUBBOCK, Texas — 

Just like physical health, mental health is also important to our well-being. 

“One in four people are depressed,” said James Atkison, a Pediatric Mental Health Counselor at Covenant Children’s. “It can happen to anyone at anytime in their lifetime.”

Atkison says there are a lot of internal and external factors that effect our mental health.

“Bullying at school, work, just life in general and how we deal with things that happen in our daily lives,” Atkison explained. “A lot of times people think they can get over something and move on but most of the time we don’t get over it and carry it with us to the next event.” 

Atkison says that’s why it’s important to check on friends and family regularly because you might not know they’re hurting.

“Notice the signs,” Atkison said. “Social isolation is a sign of depression and suicide. If they’re not hanging out with their family and friends or not doing things they normally do, stop and ask them.”

Most importantly, Atkison says if you need help, talk to someone and consider talking to a counselor.

“Hardest thing to do is change the way someone feels about something if they’re set in their feelings. Behaviors are also hard to change,” Atkison said. “If you change the way you think about things you can change the rest of it.”

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