Healthcast: Tiny needles help bring relief to Covenant patients


A new treatment at Covenant’s Outpatient Therapy Center is bringing a lot of relief to patients.

It’s called dry needling, and uses very thin needles but there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

“It’s not a painful treatment,” explains Physical Therapist David Walt. “We’re using it to treat specific muscle dysfunction. We’re finding trigger points and parts of muscles that are tight and hyper irritable.”

Walt says the needles are similar to needles used during acupuncture.

“We’re putting the needles directly into those irritable muscles and getting them to relax to have less pain and move like they’re supposed to,” explained Walt. “Our muscles are supposed to contract and relax and contract and relax as we use them. Trigger points are part of the muscle in a perpetual state of contraction. They are not releasing so we can’t get oxygen into the muscles, and it makes them hurt. So we’re getting these muscles to release and that makes them less painful but it also makes them function the way they’re supposed to.”

Walt is the only Covenant Physical Therapist certified in the treatment.

And he says it’s bringing positive results to his patients.

“It really acts as a reset for the muscle,” Walt explained. “Then once we’ve accomplished that, I’ll do my other treatments. I tend to get a better effect with my other treatment after we’ve done the needling.”

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