Heartbeat : Highlighting One Family Duo Working at Covenant


At Covenant, there are a number of employees who are lucky enough to work with family members. This week, we got to meet one father-daughter duo.

Amanda Curtis is a speech/language pathologist at Covenant and her dad, Dr. Fred Hensal, is an orthopedic surgeon, also at Covenant.

Dr. Hensal has worked there for 16 years, while Curtis just reached the 10 year milestone.

Dr. Hensal said he first thought about going into the healthcare profession when he was in high school, but for Curtis, it was much earlier.

“I think I always wanted to go into healthcare because my dad was in healthcare, so it was something that I was used to,” Curtis said.”When I was little, I used to round with my dad in the hospital, so he would take me around, we would get to see patients together, so I feel like I was kind of born and bred to be in healthcare.”

The two have even shared patients while working at Covenant.

“There were times, if I had a patient of my dad’s, and I would get to go in and introduce my services, if I saw that his name was on the door, I’d let the family know that Dr. Hensal is actually my dad, I’d be their speech pathologist, and it would always be fun to have a family affair and just to get to know their families as well,” Curtis said.

As for if they think other families should work together?

“I think that would depend on their personalities if they would get along well enough to work with each other,” Curtis said. “But I know we’ve enjoyed being able to work at the same company for as long as we have.”

“I think that it’s a great idea,” Dr. Hensal said.


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