Holli Jeffcoat’s family makes final push for support of Holli’s Bill


Holli Jeffcoat’s family made a push to bring attention to a bill in her honor, as it begins review in the House Committee in Austin. 

“Holli’s Bill” or the “The Jeffcoat Sexual Assault Justice and Prevention Act,” was unanimously voted in favor in March, and passed through to the House Committee for Criminal Jurisprudence. Holli’s family are asking the public and supporters of the bill to give law makers a call showing their support for the bill. 

“Let’s focus on Holli. This is Holli’s time to shine. I know we are getting it passed. I know we are,” said Sherrie Ray, Holli’s grandmother. 

In January, Holli’s stepfather, James Holland, pled guilty to murdering Jeffcoat while she was pregnant with his child. Her mother is also in jail charged with her murder. 

In light of a tragic situation, Ray said this bill will shine light on her story and support other sexual assault victims. 

“It’s got to wake somebody up,” said Ray. 

Stets Bryant, Holli’s second cousin, authored the bill with the help of Senator Charles Perry.

“It offers judicial protections of victims of sexual assault and creates a legal definition of indecent assault, classifying it as a class A misdemeanor,” he said. “It also makes it okay for victims of sexual assault to file orders against their assaulters.”

Ray admitted she was also sexually abused as a child. 

“I know what happened to me when I was younger and they kind of just swept it under the door,” she said. “Every night the stuff he did to me.”

However, with a stepping stone in sight, she said now is not the time to stop. 

“Her death is going to mean something spectacular,” she said.

If the bill passes the house committee, it will need to go in front of the entire house floor, and finally, get a signature from Governor Abbott to be made into law. 

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