Homeowners repairing roofs after strong wind damage


Seventy mph winds picked up dust, power lines, and roofs on Wednesday as a high wind event hit the South Plains. 

As a result, homeowners in the area reported their damage to roofing companies so they could assess the damage and get it fixed is quick as possible.

Cantex Roofing and Construction said they got about 50 calls from homeowners on Thursday.

“We have been seeing shingles, small areas of shingles to large patches of shingles, blown off certain portions of roofs,” said Chad Gragg, with Cantex Roofing and Construction.

Gragg, also a former roof assessor, said most of the damage he saw would cost less than $500 to fix. However, if a home has damage, no matter how large or small, he suggested the owner get a professional out to assess it. 

“You really have to go out, look at the damage, and assess it,” he said. “Sometimes you may see a patch blown off, but around it you would have a lot of loose shingles damaged. You just can’t see it.”  

Elijah Boyd, who was home for spring break, said he got a video from his mom, showing the shingles on their roof blowing off. 

“It’s a terrible thing to happen to your mom but especially in West Texas where the wind is crazy,” Boyd said. “I was seeing people’s shed tops coming off and people’s trampolines in neighbors yards being blown around.”

He worried about the impact this would make on his family, but is grateful the damage is not worse.

“I’m going to try to help pay for it of course, and see what else needs to be done around the house,” he said. 

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