How car chip shortages impact tech productions nationwide


LUBBOCK, Texas — For months the chip shortages have heavily affected car productions across the country; however, the bigger issue does not end there. Medical supplies and home appliances are taking a hit too.

Britkare owner Josh Britten said C-PAP machines recommended for sleep apnea are in short supply because they also operate with the same chips.

“Every single C-PAP requires compliance with your health insurance,” Britten said. “So, this C-PAP chip shortage has really caused some issues for the C-PAP manufacturers. Unfortunately, it made it where there is a shortage nationwide.”

The chip shortage is a big concern within the tech community because it affects production across multiple categories, including home appliances.

Radiolab’s owner, Jeff Griffith, said people would be surprised how important these chips really are to every day.

“A lot of electronics were affected with production issues,” Griffith said, “but in the appliance world, the televisions and stereos also have been affected. So, we think of those items, but refrigerators have been the most affected.”

The demand for many of these items increased during the pandemic, yet many of these items are on backorder, including refrigerators and flat-screen TVs.

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