LUBBOCK, Texas — A group of National Guard soldiers found themselves in a dangerous situation this morning near Idalou. On their way to deliver vaccines to Matador, they were followed, stopped and held at gunpoint by 66-year-old Larry Harris. 

“I was very thankful that it did not turn into major bloodshed,” said Idalou Police Chief Eric Williams. 

Chief Williams said that Harris thought the soldiers had kidnapped a woman and a child. When he spotted them at a Love’s gas station truck stop, he followed them for 10 miles.

“He had followed them all the way down the highway, through Idalou, had pointed the gun at them, forced them off the road,” said Williams.

Harris told the National Guard he needed to search their vans for the kidnapped woman and child he thought they were holding.

“He made a U-turn on the highway and parked his vehicle head on in front of those vans, got out, announced that he was a detective, didn’t show a badge, didn’t show credentials,” said Williams. 

While Harris searched the vans, the National Guard soldiers called 9-1-1. Idalou Police and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s department arrived in minutes and got the situation under control.

“This man was in the midst, within arm’s length of all those National Guardsmen — and they’re unarmed,” said Williams.

Officers quickly arrested Harris, who they believe was having mental issues.

“He’s got a loaded pistol, he had an extra magazine on his person, another magazine and some ammunition in his truck and we’re very thankful that he didn’t start shooting them,” said Williams.

Fortunately no one was hurt, but Williams recommends the public learn from this and always take caution when they think they’re being followed on the road. You can never be too careful.

“Take action on it if you think you’re being followed, there’s no harm in calling 9-1-1,” said Williams.

Harris was booked into the Lubbock County Jail where he’s now facing charges including aggravated assault, impersonating a public servant and interfering with military forces.

Chief Williams said the federal authorities are now involved in this case too.