They’re everywhere now, Lime Scooters have officially taken over the Hub City. But what laws apply to these electric scooters?

Well there’s not as many as you might think but police said they’re monitoring for dangerous scooter situations as the electric devices become more popular. The main law being where you can ride them. 

“You can only ride them on streets and roads where it’s 35 mph and under,” said the spokesperson for Lubbock Police, Tiffany Taylor. “Can’t be on Marsha Sharp, can’t be on the Loop.”

But law doesn’t say you have to wear a helmet according to LPD and even though there’s an age restriction on the app, technically kids can ride them too. But police said safety is their main concern and officers can take action if you’re putting yourself or others in danger. 

“Riding in a safe spot, a spot you can legally ride them because you can be pulled over by an officer,” said Taylor. 

Police officers though, not the only ones feelnig the Lime Scooter impact. 

“Priot to them being here, I can’t remember the last time I saw a scooter injury,” said the medical director at Covenant Emergency Departments, Dr. Mike Chamales.

But now, ER doctors said they’ve seen a spike in scooter related injuries.

“The other thing, streets aren’t smooth, there are potholes,” Chamales said. “People can fall over, then people usually get hurt, hitting curbs and that’s where people go flying.”

The most common injury is a head injury, but he’s even seen sprained wrists, even broken ribs, all because of electric scooters. 

“You think it would be the little kids playing on them, but it’s almost always adults and college aged children,” he said. 

And the big question, can you get pulled over for drinking and scootering? 

Police said absolutely. 

But instead of a DWI, you’d get a public intoxication ticket and possibly a night in jail.