LUBBOCK, Texas– New Hope Academy junior Seth Byers saved a Lubbock Cooper ISD employee’s home and family from a backyard fire, the two shared with on Thursday.

Byers and his girlfriend were driving on Woodrow Road on Friday, January 6, headed to the ‘Ag Barn’ to feed some pigs, when they noticed flames coming from a backyard in the Timber Ridge Neighborhood.

“I saw smoke and wondered if it was a barbecue, but then I seen the flames,” Byers recalled.

He then turned the car around and made his way to the home.

“My daughter had taken her dog outside to go to the bathroom and came back in and said that someone had stopped and asked if we were okay and had no idea why,” Shannon Mosako, who lives in the home and works for Lubbock Cooper ISD, remembered. “Then I see Seth in the backyard, grabbing my water hose and heading toward the side of our house where our doghouse is.”

Mosako said the fire was just 10 feet away from their home and behind a gated fence, which didn’t stop Byers from acting.

“There were lots of flames coming from our doghouse and it was really windy. So, I was really worried about the fire possibly spreading. The grass is dry. The fence is right there,” she explained.

Byers said Mosako’s husband helped him move the doghouse away from the barn “and then got another hose so we could get all of it.”

Despite the dogs who were hiding underneath the back porch and barking, “We wouldn’t have known about it for a little bit [because of] the way the wind was blowing. We wouldn’t have smelled the smoke right away and I couldn’t see it from where I was at in the living room,” Mosako explained.

After Byers and Mosako’s husband got the fire under control, “Me and her started talking, and she told me she works at Cooper,” the same district where Seth goes to school.

“He shows us what we can be and just how much you can impact other people. We appreciate him more than he will ever know,” Mosako tearfully expressed.

Mosako took Byers a gift card and note a few days after the fire and wanted to thank not only him, but his family because ‘they raised a great kid.’

New Hope Academy Principal Justin Guerrant expressed a similar sentiment; “It’s a great story of a great kid in a great community. I imagine there’s a lot of kids that would have done what Seth did here in Lubbock Cooper, but I am glad that he’s the one that came across it.”