LUBBOCK, Texas — Early Tuesday morning, first responders were sent out to Interstate 27 and North Loop 289 after a car stalled in high water. 

Firefighters were the first to arrive on scene. They had blocked the highway to prevent other cars from getting stuck when a suspected drunk driver hit the back of their fire truck.

The Lubbock Fire Rescue Captain Phillip Grandon, said this accident could have been avoided.

“Please move over, slow down, don’t drive,” he said. “We can’t say it enough — move over, slow down and this incident was someone driving while impaired.”

Luckily, the firefighters weren’t hurt and no injuries were reported. But this is a reminder why people need to be careful, especially during severe weather conditions.

“Don’t drive drunk,” said Grandon. “But it just shows you that even though we have a big red truck out there with flashing lights people still hit them.”

The driver was also unharmed after the collision, but they have been arrested. Officials said the driver is facing various charges including an expired registration, driving without a driver’s license, and driving under the influence.

The father of Mark Hill, an LFR firefighter who was killed during severe weather in January 2020, said people need to remember being more cautious around emergency vehicles can save lives.

“It’s not just that ‘oh that’s just a fireman’, or ‘that’s just a policeman,’ or ‘that’s a construction worker,’” said Hill. “It’s about families and people getting to go home to their families after a day’s work.”