Lubbock ISD safety officials are adding something new to their safety plan. It’s called a reunification process, in order to reunite children with their parents during an emergency.

According to Lubbock ISD officials, one thing a parent shouldn’t do is rush to the school to pick up their child.

“The process is, when we know we have to relocate students, I deploy our Durham services, they go pick up our kids at the location and then take them to the reunification site,” said Stacy Carter, LISD director of school safety and security.

Carter said LISD will designate a safe space where children will be bused and officials will let parents know exactly where to go.

“We would communicate with parents what that reunification site was and then parents would come to that site with their identification,” Carter said. “They would be checked in and screened through greeters and check-in process and we would reunify them as their children get on site.”

Carter said the entire process is meant to make sure everyone on campus knows what to do so parents can get to their kids as quickly as possible.

“Training all of our central office personnel so that if we have some kind of natural disaster or an event take place on a campus, that we’re able to reunify our babies with their parents,” Carter said.