Lubbock local nominated for Latin Grammy


LUBBOCK, Texas — As a 3-year-old, David Lee Rodriguez’s passion for music struck a chord.

“We would fall asleep behind the base hand from the drums and just sitting there as kids we’d fall asleep and just the comfort of it,” Rodriguez said.

It was in his blood, from both his parents, siblings, and ancestors, he said.

“Thinking one of these days I want to do that, one of these days I am going to be up there,” Rodriguez said.

As he grew older, he said he became a nurse while doing music on the side but recently one of the songs he recorded in the 90’s resurfaced on the internet.

“The songs hitting let’s follow it up,” Rodriguez said. “So one thing leads to another and the next thing you know I am in the studio with them recording songs.”

Now, those songs are changing his life in a major way, he said. He said he found out he is up for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best Tejano Album.”

“I feel like I said I just looked up to the sky and said thank you God and you just want to pass out and all this excitement and so I started calling everybody,” Rodriguez said.

While they won’t know the winner until November 14th, Rodriguez says it already feels like he won.

“Wow, to be able to carry on my family tradition is something else,” Rodriguez said. “If anything that is price enough.”

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