Lubbock PD sergeant plays basketball with neighborhood kids


It was cops versus kids, when a Lubbock police Sgt. Cecil Garcia decided to challenge a group of neighborhood boys to a basketball game. Days later the pictures have been shared all over social media.

“Sometimes as police we’re somewhat unapproachable to small children,”  Sgt. Garcia said.

Sgt. Garcia was responding to an unrelated call Saturday and when he saw the neighborhood kids playing basketball, he decided to join in

“We were playing and then he comes, he’s like ya’ll are over here playing like this, I’m gonna show you how a real baller plays, and I was like okay,” said the basketball kids,” said Zackery Roybal.

It’s not too clear who won that day.

“I tried to make it fair so I shot with one hand, they shot with two, I still won,” Sgt. Garcia said.

“The officer beat him, but I feel like I beat him,” Zackery Roybal said.

Their mom was snapping pictures while Sgt. Garcia entertained the kids.

“It really warmed my heart,” said Daphne Roybal their mother said.

“Cops are cool, sometimes they help us,” Zackery Roybal said.

Garcia says he wanted to show the kids that officers are there to help them.

“I love children, my wife calls be a big kid myself, just being able to make that positive influence, or positive impact,” Sgt. Garcia said. “I work that area so every time I’m in that area or they see me they know that they can see me or they can run up to me with anything and everything.”

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