Lubbock police explain hiring process

The Lubbock Police Department is always looking to hire more officers. 
According to LPD, they hold three academies a year and the process of becoming a police officer can take months to complete. There’s also no guarantee that everyone who applies will make it to graduation.

Luis Flores, who recently graduated the Lubbock Police Academy, said he always had an idea of what path he wanted to follow.

“It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to go forward to become a police officer, but the process wasn’t an easy one,” Flores said.

Even though he felt confident going in, he said the process challenged him in more ways than one. 

“Coming in, I thought I was in tip top shape, I’m a big workout guru and going through that process, I was like wow there’s more to give,” Flores said. “They push you beyond what you think your limits are, both physically and mentally.”

Sgt. Mickey Chambliss with LPD’s training academy said once a person applies, they have to take a written and physical test, go through background checks, interviews and the six months of academy training.

“This is a difficult process, and this has a lot of things that are designed to do nothing more than test the individual to see if they have the right mindset to start this job,” Chambliss said.

Right now, he said LPD is fully staffed, filling 454 spots.

“Our authorized manning is 453, right now with our current strength of 414 plus the 10 we just graduated that are in FTO, plus the 30 that are going to start Monday [May 13], that puts us one over at 454,” Chambliss said.

But, Chambliss said that’s very rare.

“Us getting at our number or above our number is actually unusual, we’re normally understaffed it’s a constant battle to keep your number up,” Chambliss said.

Once recruits graduate from the academy, they partner up with a veteran officer for three months of field training (FTO). 
Flores said this is the part of the process that his is currently doing.

“It was a rewarding day once we graduated and I’m looking forward to the day we’re patrolling the streets,” Flores said. 

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