Lubbock Power & Light work on outages across the Hub City


Broken power poles, debris flying into the lines, and live wires down, those are just a few of the things Lubbock Power & Light dealt with across the Hub City on Wednesday.

“We’ve had reports of at least two to three major transformers that were blown that have had to be replaced and we’re also dealing with damage on two major substations,” said Matt Rose, LP&L spokesperson.

This is just the beginning of their work, they say it’s going to take another week to get everything fixed, as many homes and businesses are being run on a backup line.

“These types of situations we’ll focus on trying to isolate the source of the outage and then trying to move customers off of that circuit or off of that line so that they can have their power restored,” Rose said.

The crews will be adding permanant fixes in the upcoming days.

“Not only are there rule and regulations that we have to follow, it’s just good common sense that when you have workers out in the field dealing with live electricity in an unpredictable manner,” Rose said. “You have to make sure folks are rested and that accidents do not occur.”

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