Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocates are pushing for stricter rules for drunk driving offenders.

According to MADD, the average drunk driver has driven drunk at least 80 times before a first arrest occurs.

“You might lose your job, you might lose your license, there’s a lot of things, plus you could be severely injured, or severely injure someone else or kill someone or yourself,” said Dawn Bevan, lead victim services specialist for MADD in Lubbock.

Anytime someone gets behind the wheel after drinking, they’re at risk of hurting someone else, Bevan said.

“Alcohol impairs your judgement, so if you plan ahead, once you’ve started drinking, and you’ve had a couple drinks, you think you’re okay to drive but your judgement is impaired by that alcohol so you’re really not,” Bevan said.

According to TXDot, in 2017, there were 340 alcohol-related crashes in Lubbock County, 17 of which were deadly.

“In Texas we have about 1,100 deaths a year due to drunk driving and drunk driving crashes,” Bevan said.

MADD advocates are worried about people repeating this crime. So, Bevan said they’re pushing to pass laws requiring ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenders.

“When you get that first DWI, it’s statistically proven that getting that interlock device helps prevent you from re-offending,” Bevan said. “Before your vehicle would start you would have to blow into this device, it would register the amount of alcohol in your breath and if it’s above that limit the car

won’t start.”

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