In the wake of Easter celebrations, Maxey Park was left with a trash all over the place. 

Landire Thomas, a neighbor in the area, said she is frustrated with the amount of trash left behind after the celebrations. 

“Oh my god, trash. Trash everywhere, eggs everywhere, egg containters, just a crazy amount of trash,” Thomas said.  

She said she took her cousins to Maxey Park the day after Easter and all the trash cans were full, trash was all over the playground itself. 

According to the Lubbock Parks and Recreation department, Easter weekend is usually when public parks get used the most and when the most trash is created.

Ronny Gallagher, the parks operation manager, said the trash is usually from food, and easter egg hunts. 

Parks and Rec employees were at parks on Monday morning starting at 6 a.m. cleaning up the areas but with a limited staff, it can take awhile for the staff to get to every park. 

“It’s got to be community effort, everyone has to pull their fair share,” Gallagher said. 

He also added, that if people work together to keep the parks clean, it re-directs tax-payer money to better things. 

“It’s really wasteful and a wasteful use of city resources,’ Gallagher said. “None of us like paying taxes but we have to pay so much to try and keep things cleaned up.”

For Thomas, she said she was disappointed in her neighbors. 

“I was just disgusted on how people left it,” Thomas said. 

She said when she got to the playground, she spent several minutes picking up beer cans from the slides, cleaning food from the tables and even clearing cigarette butts. 

“It’s not that hard. Would you leave this mess in your living room or your yard?,” she asked. “No. Don’t think so.”

According to Parks and Rec, Maxey Park and all other parks in Lubbock should be cleaned up by Tuesday.

However, Gallagher said being considerate could stop this from happening in the first place. 

“Clean up after yourself. Your mom taught you to clean up after yourself, my mom did,” Gallagher said. “It’s as simple as that.”