Med Minute: Why insomniacs may not sleep well


LUBBOCK, Texas– People under stress sometimes overindulge on comfort foods, high in sugar and fat. Researchers also discovered eating a high calorie diet while under stress results in more weight gain than eating the same diet while stress-free. The study said stress eating can speed the development of obesity.

A healthy diet may lead to healthy kidneys. A study tracked more than 14-thousand middle aged adults. Those who stuck to a nutrient rich plant-based diet had a 14-percent lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease. That includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

Researchers discovered links between emotional health and the way we sleep. A study in the Netherlands found that good sleepers are able to neutralize bad memories overnight. Insomniacs are unable to clear their minds of emotional distress – which may be the cause of their sleeplessness.  Research said that helps explain why insomnia is a leading risk factor for anxiety and mood disorders.


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