MedMinute: How chemicals in personal care products could affect unborn children


Exposure to chemicals found in some personal care products, such as soap, toothpaste and makeup, before a child is born could cause girls to reach puberty at a younger age. Scientists in California followed nearly 350 children from before birth to adolescence. They found certain chemicals used in fragrances, cosmetics and toothpaste accelerated puberty in girls, but not in boys.

Young adults prescribed opioids for the first time at the dentist’s office are at increased risk for addiction. Stanford University researchers looked at 15,000 16-to-25-year-olds who were prescriped the painkillers and found 6% were diagnosed with opioid abuse up to a year later.

A survey of 43,000 U.S. children reveals about 2.5% had autism spectrum disorder in 2016. Nearly 1/3 were not receiving any treatment.  

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JAMA Internal Medicine
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