MedMinute: How to get kids to choose healthy food


LUBBOCK, Texas– New research shows about a third of the nearly 700 pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S. each year happen up to a year after the woman gives birth.  The CDC said nearly a third occur during pregnancy and more than a third the week after delivery.  Heart disease and stroke are a leading cause of the pregnancy-related deaths.  According to the CDC, 3 in 5 of the deaths could have been prevented.  

The percentage of American adults with alcoholic fatty liver disease has remained stable over the last 14 years. But the JAMA study found a significant increase in the percentage of Americans with the more severe form of the disease. Researchers said that’s concerning because the disease can progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer and death.

Getting your children to choose healthy food options may be as simple as giving them a reason. Researchers at Washington State University found children who were repeatedly told phrases such as “whole grains help you run fast and jump high” and “fruit and vegetables help keep you from getting sick” were more likely to eat the healthy food than children who weren’t given those messages

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