MedMinute: Parents and caregivers using cell phones with kids in the car

LUBBOCK, Texas - A nationwide study of 760 parents and caregivers reveals about half used cell phones while driving with young children. Researchers found a third texted while one in seven used social media. The findings suggest the distracted drivers may also be prone to other risky behaviors, including not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to properly restrain their young passengers.
Nearly half of American adults tried to lose weight between 2013 and 2016. A new government health survey found a higher percentage of women tried to lose weight compared to men. Researchers said of those who tried to lose weight, most exercised or ate less, while more than half ate more fruits and vegetables.  
Teenagers who exercise intensely could be more heart healthy later in life, according to a British study of 12-to-15 year-old boys that found those who worked out vigorously had lower blood pressure which may reduce the risk for heart disease later in life.

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-National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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