People who feel lightheaded when they stand up may be at an increased risk for stroke and dementia. A new study in neurology looked at middle-aged people who experience a sudden drop in blood pressure,  known as orthostatic hypotension, when they get up. Researchers found those who had the condition at the start of the study were 54% more likely to develop dementia and more than twice as likely to have a stroke than those without the condition.

A new study shows women are under-represented in drug trials for heart disease. Researchers in Montreal found 71% of the participants in clinical trials for new heart drugs are men even though the majority of cardiovascular patients are women. 

Eating a Mediterranean diet may help with the skin condition psoriasis. A new study in JAMA Dermatology finds the closer people adhere to the diet, which is filled with fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts, the less severe their symptoms. 

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